#1 mistake brands make when using Instagram to drive traffic to their website

If you’ve ever followed a brand, any brand, on Instagram you’ve read an intriguing post that has piqued your interest and then you get to their call to action. The phrase just about every brand uses to drive traffic to their website/product/article.


Incase you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I am talking about let me exlplain:


Instagram posts are focused on the visuals not the text. Instagram doesn’t have the” click this link to learn more” hyperlink like Facebook or anywhere else on the internet does. Instagram gives you one link spot for brands to use, that link is in the bio part of the profile.

Brands will do one of two things

1) Say “See link in bio” and put one link there

2) Use a third party like link tree to have one link with a list of links.

BOTH do a huge disservice to your marketing efforts. WHY? Let’s dive into this:


I see this all the time! I’ll stumble across an old post from a brand. I’m engaged, I’m loving the visuals, the copy, and want to learn more about the product / brand / person.

I’m actually intrigued enough to leave the time suck of Instagram and learn more about them / their product / Article / service / etc.

They drive me to their link in the bio to learn more about that post. So I go to the link and click it and I’m taken to something that has nothing to do with i was into. The link in bio is their most recent post. I click out of their website and I’m over it.

Not only did they lose me but I bounced right out of there, which makes their web stats have a high bounce rate (the number of people who come on to your site and immediately leave / bounce out).


Link tree is a third party provider that gives you one link to a landing page that links to anywhere you want. You put the link in your Instagram and the viewer can choose where they want to go from there. At first this seems like a great idea - you’re getting around that one link that potentially will lead your viewers astray. But you’re driving your traffic to another site (link tree) to click a link go to your site. Is this a good idea? NOPE.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 9.30.41 PM.png

Why is this so bad? I’m glad you asked. Just a few reasons:

  1. 1) When you think about a digital marketing strategy as a whole and not just as one platform they all need to work together. So when you’re linking to your website you’re using your instagram platform to drive traffic to your website. When you drive traffic to your website you can start through the funnel and sales process.

    So in a day where everything is instant and easy why are you making them click 3 times and driving you initial traffic to another site - LinkTree. You’ve lost their interest already.

  2. It messes up your website analytics. Analytics tell you where your traffic is coming from, and what is working and not working on your digital strategy. When you use a third party like link tree traffic is labeled as “other” instad of Instagram. Making it impossible to track the effectiveness of your Instagram strategy.

  3. SEO aka Search Engine Optimization aka the thing that makes your site relevant to Google takes a hit with LinkTree.

  4. It costs money.

  5. If you’re using the free service you’re giving LinkTree free advertising. Their logo and branding is on it.

  6. Which brings me to my next point, YOUR branding isn’t on it.

What to do about it?

Create your OWN landing page on your own website. Help your viewers out, make it easy. Make a page on your webpage purely dedicated to your instagram posts. Set it up as a picture gird just like instagram. Use this picture you used for your instagram post and put the link right under it and make the picture a hyperlink.